How to clean your mattress…..

They say that a mattress should be changed for a new one ever 8 years, they also say that we spend one third of our lives sleeping and they also say that mattress is a hive for bacteria!

Changing your sheets, having mattress and pillow protectors can eliminate these bacterias, but what about mattresses cleaning. It can cost a fortune if you have someone to come along and do it professionally, here is my quick guide on ‘how to’.

Stripe the bed of those old dirty sheets.

Get hold of your attachment on your vacuum and vacuum the mattress, this will suck up any stray hairs, toast crumbs or other bits that can find their way on to your mattress.


Next I use the Dettol One for All spray and spray all over the mattress to eliminate any bacteria. This spray is safe to use on soft furnishings. it will also leave your mattress smelling gorgeous and fresh!

If you have a cloth headboard, don’t forget to repeat on the head board also!

I will then leave the Dettol to do its job and dry with the windows open for a good 20 – 30 mins before putting fresh clean sheets back on the bed!

We have a mattress that needs/can be rotated, I do this every two weeks to ensure equal wear of my mattress.

I also change our bed sheets once a week, every Sunday I seem to do this #cleansheetsunday


That’s it, simple really. Strip the bed, vacuum up any bits, spray with Dettol to banish bacteria,¬†rotate the mattress (if needed) and put on the new fresh clean sheets!






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