Christmas Countdown Week 3 – Cupboard Checking

So you’ve decided that your going to be the house where the Christmas Eve party happens, or the main event Christmas Day lunch is enjoyed or your hosting the Boxing Day buffet, but have you got all the cutlery, glassware, tableware and accessories you need?

Check your cupboards! Sounds simple but we all forget about those dinner sets that are ‘just for best’ stored in the back of the cupboard or that ‘Make your own Crackers’ set you picked in the January sale last year. Dig it all out of those dark cupboard holes and decide on what you need. You might not need anything and if that’s the case, brilliant!

Depending on what Christmas event your planning on holding, will depend on what you will need. If it’s Christmas Eve drinks or Boxing Day buffet then your going to need glasses (cocktail glasses if your going to channel your inner Tom Cruise shaker routine), lots of dishes and platters. If your going to hold the main event of Christmas Lunch, you will need wine glasses, serving platters & dishes, a number of dinner plates, side plates and bowls for each guest.


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