Christmas Countdown Week 2 – Making a list, checking it twice, maybe more!

Now you have started making lists of who you would like to buy a gift for and where you are storing them, you need to get organised with your lists.

Sounds crazy, but if you have lists all over the house on various books and scraps of paper, you won’t achieve anything.

Now, of course you can grab a notepad or book from any stationary supplier, but where is the fun in a plain boring notepad? Jazz it up! Recover the notepad in your favourite wrapping paper, like we did as teenagers in school, section the notepad off so you have dedicated pages for certain ideas/lists.

If you can’t be bothered to get all crafty there are some beautiful Christmas Planners available out there with stickers, sections, pretty covers, personalised etc!

Here are some of my favourites! (Shopping links attached to the grey text of each planner)

The Book People – £9.59


Christmas Organiser by Rachel Ellen – £12.59


My Crimbo Planner -£12.95


Christmas Planner – £7.99


Cath Kidston Christmas planner – £13.05


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