Christmas Present hiding places

There are many reasons that we hide presents, to keep the miracle of Father Christmas alive, to stop your other half finding their gift, to avoid the gift stock taking over your home or even to prevent you being a target for thieves!

Anyone of those reasons is a reason to have an are or areas to hide all the presents you collect before and for after they are all wrapped.

Here are a few of my ideas for you.

The Garage, need I say more? Big massive, lockable space that is dry (hopefully)

Top of the wardrobe, it will stop little people for sure in their mission to find gifts, as they wont be able to reach.

Under the bed, perfect if you have an ottoman bed or even just a frame. Beware that the gifts are easily accessible to little peekers, but if that’s not a worry for you, a great space saver too!

Car boot, always secure (hopefully) no fear of the teenagers peeking when you go to work, just mean that you might loose some boot space for a few weeks.

Suitcase, these big bulky items t5ake up so much space in our houses but utilise them for storage. Plus, if you add a travel padlock, secure from peeking!

The loft, an oldie but a goody, just be careful going in out nobody wants a broken leg for Christmas!

Now that you are starting to get a little collection of gifts gathered and some food stocks, you need somewhere to store it all. Always a cool, dry and secure hiding place. Secure from peekers but also out of sight from windows. I don’t want to scare you but thieves will targets houses with visible presents! If you have a garage or spare room, perfect! all the drink cans, bottle, packets of crisps, tubs of Quality Street can all go there, out of your way!

Now, remember that gift list you made? I asked you to keep it because now that you are starting to buy presents you can write next to the recipients name how much you spent and what you bought. this will make wrapping easier in a few weeks time and you can see if you are keeping to budget!


Happy hiding! xx


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