Christmas Countdown Week 1 – Budget & Book


So here we are week 1 of our Christmas countdown and your probably excited to get started and be super organised this year!

Lets get started! xx



This is a totally individual matter. There is no set amount, remember this is what you are willing to afford, do not get yourself into debt. Make a list of who you would like to buy a gift for. Really look at that list and decide if it is necessary to buy a gift for that person. In my family we don’t buy for brothers and sisters, we only buy for the children of the family. We found that the older we became the harder it was to buy for each other, so now we all not to at Christmas and just enjoy each others company as a gift to each other.

Once you have your present list, decide how much you are willing to spend on each person/couple. Keep this list, I will explain why now in the ‘HIDE’ part!

Next decide where you will be eating over the three Christmas days. Will you be eating Christmas lunch at a restaurant or your parents, will you be the one hosting? Do you have a relatives to visit on Boxing Day or again is everyone coming to yours? Depending on where you will be eating will determine how much food your will need/want to buy.



Now you have set a budget and list of who you want to buy a gift for, get out there and start looking for what you have in mind. Also at this time of year the mid season sales are in full swing, so you might even be able to pick up something at the snip of its original price!

Around this time of year the supermarkets start stocking up their warehouses with all the Christmas themed food and because they need the space for the fresher food, they stick the bulk out on offer. Take advantage of this and pick up those round tins of chocolates and sweets, buy those bottles of wine as even if you aren’t thinking of consuming them all, they make great gifts for friends that you want to give a taken gift to.  With this in mind if a store is doing cream cracker boxes at half price, buy them! Cash in on the offer on food and drink that will keep up until the say that you can store away and save money on now.



Visits to Santa, special festive afternoon teas, wreath making classes, all these wonderful Christmas fuelled fun will get booked up fast so get booked in. there is nothing worse then realising that the best grotto in your area had tickets on sale at a reasonable price and you missed out!

Whilst you are ahead of the game and booking in your festive activities start looking at others diaries. By this I mean, call the school ask what dates the Christmas school show will be on so you can make work arrangements, ask your work which date they are having the office party this year, also ask your other half which date their office party is so you can book taxis and make sure you have a child minder booked! Schedule in when you are going to visit that one Auntie you visit each year, be organised with your diary and you will feel much calmer and organised throughout December.

I hope you all get on well with week 1, I will see you in week 2!







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  1. Sarah
    October 2, 2018 / 2:29 pm

    Great post such a great idea I am going to make a list now

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