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Ever since watching the final episode of Blue Planet II of the seahorse holding onto the plastic cotton bud and my TV screen being lit up with footage after footage showing the impact of plastic waste on our marine life, I have done all I can to cut out one use plastic.

I am lucky enough to live in an area of the UK where recycling is taken seriously, so we have different bins for different type of waste materials due to be recycled, but I still didn’t really trust where they were ending up, so I wanted to stop putting items in those bins by not even using them.

Ever since I have been on a quest to find one use plastic free alternatives for all everyday items we use in our home. I started with milk. we have ditched purchasing milk from the supermarket in a plastic bottle and requested milk from the local farmer, delivered three times a week in a reused glass bottle. We have stopped using plastic bags for shopping and now use hessian reusable bags, stopped buying shower gel, shampoo & conditioner in plastic bottles and now use soap and soap bars in place of shampoo and conditioner from LUSH!

Wrapping food was something I was struggling with as I could use foil without really being sure of how I could recycle it so it just end up in the general waste. After doing some research online for an alternative I stumbled across Re-Wrap It! I was taken aback by how simple this design was, but also the ethics behind the product.

Shona is the lady behind this product. It all started in Glasgow at her humble kitchen table. Shona was looking for a solution to wrapping her children’s sandwiches without the one use plastic bags or Clingfilm. She rustled up the Re-Wrap it design and started selling them at the local school fate. A journalist bought one, reviewed them in a national newspaper and before Shona knew it she was running out of friends to ask to help make this product as demand had shot up! Shona came up with another amazing idea……… she would ask the local prison inmates of Kilmarnock Prison to help, which in return, would also assist their rehabilitation.

So how do they work?

So simple, its crazy this hasn’t been a staple of any home for years! Lay the Re-Wrap It! flat, place sandwich in the centre, flip over the left, flip over the right, flip up the bottom and then lastly the top, which will be sealed by the Velcro and taaadaaa! The first thing I noticed about these wraps are they can actually be used for almost anything! I have already wrapped up my sandwich, fresh meats and carrots sticks for my lunch and even my make up! Once open, they look like a really sweet little picnic blanket, so you can lay them out and enjoy your food. I have wrapped my make up in one too as it was quick and easy for when we went away rather than carrying my big bulky make up bag and once unwrapped, everything was there, easy to see and no rustling around in my Mary Poppins style bag.

These are available in a variety of colours and designed materials, but Shona is always looking to find new materials to use. If you spot one you like, send her an email with a photo attached of the material and where you spotted it:

Costing just £6.99, and they are so beneficial to you, the environment and to a small business trying to make their mark!


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Closing date is 31 August 2018.


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