Our Hallway refresh

You know what its like, Spring arrives and all of a sudden everything is seen in a new light. The walls need a refresh, the dust appears in places you hadn’t noticed and “how on earth did my Husband spill Tea that high up on the wall”?

I walked in the front door one day last month and despite the sun beaming through the glass in the door, the hallway looked depressed. Depressed and dull. I got straight on Pinterest and was searching small hallway ideas, hallway floor ideas and I have created myself a mood board. I decided on grey and white, to brighten it up and that the carpet must go! Tiles would be easier to clean and could be the feature of the new hallway I had planned. I orders some tile sample from various places, but Total Tiles came up trumps.




I bought a standard grey paint from B&Q and set to work with painting the walls. As I was getting rid of the carpet, spilling paint didn’t matter. I then painted all the wood work with a satin, as I find gloss a nightmare to paint with and goes yellow overtime.

I search for a local tiler and ordered to tiles. we settled on these Victoria pattern tiles from Total Tiles at just £15.95 a square metre. In fact despite looking like many tiles, each tile is made up of four. I also asked for a inset doormat to be placed by the front door, to prevent a bought one from the shop being caught on the door when it opens and therefore being pushed out of the way.

A new set of mirrors on the wall from the range, same ones here, my other art work back up on the walls, a new spring wreath on the front of the door and  taadaa, all complete.

Let me know your thoughts of our hallway update xx



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