15 uses for Zoflora

I have been using Zoflora now for about a year and have no idea what I actually cleaned or how I cleaned before without it!

This stuff has been on the market since 1922 but seems to have made a huge comeback.

Zoflora is essentially is a concentrated disinfectant, that you can dilute down (1 cap per 400ml) to the purpose of your cleaning. Being available in a range of fragrances from fresh linen, bouquet to seasonal scents like my favourite; Cranberry & Orange.

Here are my favourite ways to use this fantastic product.

  1. Wipe over bin lid to disinfect and smell better than any rubbish.
  2. Wipe kitchen surfaces to bring shine and ensure they are clean.
  3. wipe over the hob and oven door after using to prevent build up and leave them sparkling.
  4. Place 1 or 2 drops in your iron with your water to leave your clothes smelling divine!
  5. Drop 2 capfuls into the sink with some hot water, leave overnight, not only will the kitchen smell gorgeous on the morning, you can release the water down the drain and give the sink a wipe and it’ll be back sparkling and looking new!
  6. Place a capful into the water reserve with water of your steam mop for super clean floors.
  7. Pet items can be wiped over with Zoflora too, just be sure that the item is completely dry before giving them back their favourite plastic toy!
  8. Take the lining of your cooker hood out and place in the sink with hot water and two capfuls overnight, to freshen up the lining and remove some of the grease.
  9. Use a few drops on a paper towel and wipe over radiators, when the heating kicks in, your home will smell divine!
  10. If you place a capful of Zoflora in with your fabric softener, it’ll leave your clothes smelling better than anything before and this scent will last!
  11. Place a few drops in the bottom of the toilet brush holder to disinfect the brush and banish any gross smells!
  12. You can pour Zoflora neat down the toilet and plug holes to remove any scum and freshen them up.
  13. Wipe over vacuum filters and allow to dry. Next time you vacuum the house will smell much nicer.
  14. Clean your bathroom with this and you will see shine on the taps and tiles and it will smell sooo fresh!
  15. I have also added a capful to my screen wash of my car and discovered that it makes the screen squeaky clean and the smell then comes through to the car!

As you can see, I use Zoflora around the house, literally anywhere I want to clean, smell nice and disinfectant.

Let me know which ideas you have tried and which fragrance is your favourite!

Happy cleaning! xx



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