Listen up you…..

As I approach my birthday I realise that I am no longer in my late twenties, I am officially in my early thirties.

When the hell did that happen? I don’t even feel like I should be in my thirties! I still feel about 24! It made me think, what advice would I give me, if I could talk to myself 10 years ago…….


It’s fine not having a plan.

Everyone around might seem like they have it all figured out with their graduation, degree, new super duper office job, swish car and flat. Trust me, they are winging it just like you. Better still, don’t have a plan and make sure you wing it, it’ll be so much more fun!


Dump him!

Bad boys really aren’t that sexy or great fun and the long term boyfriend you have been debating whether to dump, do! Enjoy some time being single, it isn’t as lonely as you might think! *Personal note to self – He probably was ‘the one’ all along and you shouldn’t have been so shallow thinking he didn’t fit in with your crowd!


Please go to the Gym and lift those weights!

Firstly fitness is more important than you realise and trust me, you will thank yourself when looking back at photos in years to come. Those muscle bulking boys are not looking at your wobbly bits and lifting those weights in that over crowded area, isn’t as scary as it seems. Weights will tone your arse beautifully, go lift!

Get a credit card.

Seriously, but use it wisely! Get a 0% on purchases for 12 months, buy your annual gym membership and then divide the cost in 12. Pay it back by direct debit each month, meaning not only do you reap the discount they are offering on your membership, you will have it paid in 12 months and no interest. Or get a card and buy your fuel on it throughout the month, pay the bill in full when it arrives. Either way if you use this card wisely, your credit score will look much better for when you need to be.



Take a career break, go work in another country or get rid of that expensive car and take as many holidays as you can. See the world before you have commitments of rent and bills or even children. Sleep in a grotty hotel, travel in a night train, eat things you can’t even pronounce. It will change your perspective of the world and yourself more than you’ll imagine!


Cherish your family.

Your Dad might be asking what time you are planning to stagger in after a night out, but only because he cares! Your family might not always agree with some of your decisions but trust me, your family are huge boulders that you can lean on at any time and they will always be there to support you! Hold on to them xx

Take your make up off every night and clean your make up brushes.

Your skin will never stop being troublesome if you are not willing to look after it! Clean your brushes because you didn’t spend a small fortune on them for them to be ruined and clogged up after a few months. Plus think of all that dirty you are putting back onto your skin!


Be selfish.

Do what you choose. You won’t get this opportunity again, grasp it with both hands. Buy the ticket, dump the boy, hold onto the best friends hand, jump in the opportunity that has landed at your feet. If it goes wrong, so what?! It’ll make an amazing story later!



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