New Year, new me, new ideas, new goals blah blah!

I really dislike New Year.

There, I said it. I don’t like New Year. I don’t even really like New Years Eve. All the forced fun with the cuddling each other at midnight because we have passed over into a brand new 12 months ahead. I don’t get it. The most irritating part of New Year is all the adverts for diets, fitness outfits, fitness DVD’s and anything else that promises to transform you into a whole new spanking shiny person within weeks of the new year looming.

I am always a little bit more wobbly on my middle thanks to eating cheese and Quality Street chocolate for breakfast, I am skint from splurging in the Boxing Day sales (despite promising myself that I will have more self control) and more than anything I always feel a little sad to say goodbye to the year. All those memories made feel so much more in the past than they did before Big Ben did the 12 dongs.

Last year I did post a New Years Resolutions post and I think I did well at keeping them, but this year, I am not going to label my thoughts/ideas as New Year resolutions but ‘personal goals’.

My blog is involved in these ‘personal goals’ and so is my YouTube channel. I am going to keep these ‘personal goals’ to myself and all I can see is, wait and see!

Ohhhhh before I forget………………… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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  1. Nicola
    January 3, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    Totally agree hate New Years Eve !!!

    Hate all the skinny celebs losing a stone in a week when it takes me ages !!!
    Hate that January feels like such a long month!!!!
    But apart from that the New Year is good.

    Happy New Year!!

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