Disney Pandora in the UK is launched!

This is super exciting news for any lover/collector of Pandora jewellery PLUS if you looove Disney!

Previously, the Disney Pandora range was only available in the Disney Parks, making it very exclusive.

If you follow my YouTube channel you would have seen that I picked up two charms for my bracelet when I visited Orlando back in June.

I chose to go for the Mrs Potts and Chip charm plus the Mickey & Minnie Kiss charm.

A few fellow bloggers I follow, like lovely Leah at Devoted to Pink was invited to the launch party for the new Pandora collection, which looked amazing!

The collection has been beautifully designed with petite locket necklace charms at £15, Disney Princess charms starting at £40, ‘Heart of Mickey’ safety chain £60, Moments Mickey Bracelet £70 and other Disney charms starting at £35. You can buy something small or spend a fortune!

You will all see from the website that if you spend over £99 you will receive new of the beautiful grey pouches. By pouches, I would use it as a clutch maybe for a night out and then to store my Pandora jewellery in after. It has Mickey Mouse embossed into one side of it and then gold text saying Pandora and Disney in their classic renowned font styles.

Perfect timing from Pandora on the launch date, just in time for us all to place a few or many items on our Christmas list! Watch out Mr P, my wish list will be a long one this year!





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