Jo Malone Dup Candles from Aldi!

Yep Adli have launched a home fragrance range that gives Jo Malone a run for her money!

These beautiful candles and reed diffusers have been styled to look similar, smell similar and even are named very closely to the real thing!

Priced at a snip of a Jo Malone item, at just £3.99 each, I personally think they are worth every penny!

Obviously the quality is an important factor and the candles it must be said are not as strong smelling as the Jo Malone ones. The reed diffusers are fantastic! The trick I found with making reed diffusers last longer is to not use all the reeds at once. Just use half of them at a time, plus rotate them! Once the first batch has dried up time and time again, use the other half you’ve left in the box.

The candles are double wick, which gives a lovely glow. The stainless steel lids are also the same style as Jo Malone but finish the candles off lovely! Place underneath when using the candles and replace the lid when the candles has cooled down to prevent any dust or other particles landing in the soft wax.

They will never be exact replicas of a Jo Malone candle or reed diffuser but for the price of a lunch sandwich meal deal, they are worth every penny! They look pretty, smells amazing and last! Well Done Aldi!


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