We have a new team member!

Ladies and Gentleman, please meet our new team member…………… Ringo!

Ringo is a Pedigree TICA registered Bengal. After an extensive search of a black and white boy Bengal kitten, we found him from a local breeder and fell in love.

I am dog person and Steve is the cat person, but I am rather smitten with this little monster. Steve wanted a Bengal for so long, as they are so pretty. They look like miniature tigers and boy cats always seem to be far more affectionate than girls. We already have a tabby cat, female and she will not be forced into a cuddle!

He has been living with us for just over 6 weeks and I had forgotten how needy kittens can be!

Bengals are known to be hard work, with constant meowing and climbing, but so far no furniture or curtain damage has occurred.

Keep up to date with Ringo’s antics over on my Instagram page (mrshpaget).


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