Be Our Guest, Magic Kingdom – Restaurant Review

When I found out that there is a Beauty and the beast themed restaurant at Magic Kingdom, I almost burst with excitement!

I swiftly made a reservation online the second I was able to (90 days before) and proudly wrote it in my holiday schedule notepad.

Expect to have your mind blown and you will still be surprised on how much detail has been out into creating the restaurant!

Entering through the large stoned pillars, the Beast’s castle sits proudly and quite scarily on top of the rocky mountain side. On entering the restaurant, you will be greeted my coats of armour, impressive chandeliers and moody lighting.

Now I expected that the restaurant would be a waiter service, but apparently not at lunchtime, this only happens in the evening. You make your food order at the cashier desk and are handed a red rose follower. It is then up to you where you all choose to sit. There are three rooms, the ballroom, the west wing and the library. Each just as spectacular and individual. The library has a rotating large figurine or Belle and the Beast dancing. The Ballroom has and amazing painted ceiling and stunning large hanging chandeliers. The west Wing is where you find the petal dropping rose. The room is much darker in light than the other two and every now and again there is a crash of thunder followed by another petal falling from the rose.

Food is served by a waiter on the cutest trolley. Wheeled out from the kitchen, the wood cased trolley has a glass dome that cases the food.
I ordered the braised pork, that was served with mashed potatoes and green beans. I was craving some green vegetables after days or burgers and chips. The pork melted in the mouth and the mash didn’t have a single lump!
For desert I order ‘The Grey Stuff’! Yep, they actually serve the grey stuff!
So ‘The Grey Stuff’ was the frosting on top of my chocolate cupcake and I believe is cookies and cream flavour, well that’s was it tasted like to me! and true to Disney style, it was as the song states, delicious!

I do kinda wish that we had booked for dinner rather than lunch, as I was a little disappointed that lunch is not a waiter service and felt a bit short changed due to this.

We were not rushed to leave and where made to feel very welcome by both that waiter staff and the cashier staff.

If you do booked to go, book for dinner as I can imagine the experience is far more impressive than lunch. Go and have a nosey around each room, they are all so impressive and each holds their own atmosphere.



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