Adele Live 2016 & 2017

Birminghm 2016

Before you all think it, this isn’t a gloat but more of an experience share.

In the last 18 months I have been lucky enough to see Adele live twice. Seeing Adele was on my bucket list along with Michael Jackson, but we all know how the ‘This Is It Tour’ ended of should I say didn’t even start.

I first discovered Adele after hearing her singing Hometown Glory live on Radio1 during one morning at work back in 2008. she was introduced as a new artist and I hooked from that moment. A year later I found out that she was going to gig at Plymouth Pavilions. Tickets purchased at a £27.50, I was sooo excited! Adele cancelled. I later found out this was due to a nasty relationship break up. Eight years later the hype of Adele was massive and I heard along with the rest of the world, that she was going to do a world tour in 2016! Can you imagine my excitement? Tickets purchased at near on £100, I made my way to Birmingham with one of my friends for an event I had waited 9 years for!

Wembley 2017

Adele on the centre stage surrounded by a curtain of rain singing ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ – Birmingham 2016

Did Adele meet my expectations? YES and more!

Adele may not be to everyones taste in music, but you can not dispute that she can sing. The stage design at Birmingham was amazing. It didn’t matter where you were sat or stood, you where able to see Adele. Even the big screens where at a slight angle so all could see the montages played behind her whilst performing. Adele was on stage at the precise scheduled minute on the ticket and her closed eyes on the screen opened to her voice singing “Hello, it’s Me”. There was no supporting act, but seriously who would support her anyway?!

The show was simple,no costume changes, no backing dancers or massive stage art, just Adele in her evening gown and a microphone. When you can sing as well as Adele I suppose you don’t need all the frills.

Later in 2016, it was announced that Adele would be performing the ‘Finale’ at Wembley Stadium. Call me greedy, but I needed to see her again. Another £100 a ticket later and 20 minutes of stress in a virtual line waiting to purchase tickets, it was booked for her opening night with two of my friends.

Wembley Stadium was one of the worst venues I have been to. The organisation of getting 97,000 people into a stadium on time was a joke. The show was delayed after Adele and her team were viewing tweets online and saw that the crowds trying to get in  still were massive. The show started at 20:15 even though there was a lot of empty seats due to guests still not being abled to get into the stadium due to such poor organisation form Wembley. Either way, we were in on time and sat ready to watch the show.

The set up of Wembley is different to Birmingham, but still there was a lot of thought into the viewing point of the watchers. Adele was in the centre of the stadium on a round stage where her band and backing singers where on the lower level and she was able to walk around the huge circular stage so once again everyone got to see her.

At both concerts dates, Adele gave out some personalised surprises. At Birmingham, she had randomly signed programs and posters. Also at Birmingham she would randomly invite guests up for a selfie and a bit of a chat. At Wembley, due to the set up of the stage this wasn’t possible, but there was still some really nice surprises during the night. One lady about 8 rows up from us, Adele told her to look behind her seat. Attached to the back of the seat there was a letter to the guest saying thank you for coming to the show and then there was also a photo of Adele holding the letter to prove it was her who wrote it. Adele also shot out via some tshirt launching gun thing, tshirts, signed with £20 rolled up in them for as she said “a couple of drinks at the bar”.

A fan’s letter from 28 June 2017, Wembley

Merchandise at Birmingham 2016

Both shows lasted 2 and a half hours, with no breaks, just song after song after song.

When you watch Adele with 96,999 people you still feel like it is just you and her. In between blasting out songs she would have a chat with the audience. She swears like a fish wife but is just normal, and quite right too. She still appreciates the normal things in life and hasn’t become too disconnected with real life. I am sure others will say it too, but when she is just up on stage talking I thought, “yep I reckon we would be great friends.” I would expect her to pop over, walk in the door like a whirlwind and ask for a brew and where I have hidden the Hob Nobs.

Circle stage at Wembley 2017

I know a lot of people were disappointed that she cancelled her last two shows, but I am sure she really didn’t want to and if we want her singing career to continue, then we must allow her voice to recover.

As you can tell, I am a massive fan, but even if you are not and get the chance to see her live, go! She will make you change your opinion on her and you will enjoy every second of her faultless performance!

Adele, thank you for your music and just being you! xx


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