Up, up and away – Flying to Orlando from Bristol

As you would have seen from my previous blog post, we were lucky enough to fly out to Orlando from our local airport, Bristol.

This is a new flight path that has been offered by Thomson.
Before flying, I was in talks with the team at Bristol Airport for permission to vlog our experience and there were fantastic. Extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. Now using the phrase knowledgeable might seem odd, but I have dealt with other companies before who appear to not really know what they are doing or worse still what they are offering. The staff at Bristol airport care, genuinely care. They all want your experience to be a good one and they know their airport. They know all the facts, figures and how they can use their resources to make your trip more enjoyable.

Normally if we want to travel to Orlando we would have to make the 4 hour car journey to Gatwick from Devon, plus the two hours check in time, making it a 6 hour journey before you have even lifted off the ground, so flying from Bristol was a dream come true!

Just 90 mins door to door and the airport is not bursting at the seams with hundreds of holiday makers running towards either the check in desk or gate.

The choice of restaurants is brilliant, from quick service burger bars to gastro pubs!

We made our way to the Aspire lounge, which if I am honest was a disappointment. We were told that there would a breakfast buffet. There was fruit and some sausages and bacon with toast, but where were the hash browns, cooked tomatoes, scrambled eggs and baked beans? No where to be seen that’s where.
There was plenty of drink choices, from spirits, beer, tea, coffee, juices and fizzy pop! Also amongst the fridges there was some fresh fruit platters, yogurts and cereals.

The nicest part of the lounge was there wasn’t hundreds of people and it was very relaxed.

Boarding at Bristol was prompt and there was no tunnel to the plan. I find walking up those steps into the plane far more exciting than in a tunnel anyway. So I was thrilled!

I have heard rumours that the flight path to Orlando Sanford is a trial, but I really hope it is a success and is here to stay!

It was so easy to fly from there, but that wouldn’t of been possibly if it hadn’t of been for the outstandingly seamless service from their staff.

Thank you Bristol Airport!

See my vlog of our journey here on YouTube!


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