Lash Lift

For part of this years holiday preparation I decided that I fancied having my lashes lifted. A Youtuber that I follow (Lydia Millen) has been having a lash lift for years and her lashes always look beautiful!

I have had lash extensions before, about 5 years ago and just didn’t get on well with them. So, for once I decided to keep one part of my body natural and just slightly enhanced. A bit like getting your hair done I suppose!

The treatment took about 45 minutes in total, and the whole time I wanted to open my eyes. I am such a child. Someone tells me not to do something and I rebel! Just like “don’t push that red button!” I would! So being told to keep my eyes closed was difficult for me.

Before and after!

So from what I can understand, a shield is placed in your eyelid and a solution is placed on to the lashes to perm them. Like most perming solutions – it stinks!

The lashes are manipulated up against the shield and you wait for about 12 mins. Then the next solution sets the perm lotion, again about 12 mins.

Lastly, the lashes are tinted and taadaa…….. lashes lift complete!

I have had no side effects or issues, at all! No eye lashes falling out from shock, no irritation or swelling. With lash extensions -I found that they would tangle together and be really uncomfortable.

It you have rather short lashes obviously this might not be an option for you, but I have relatively long lashes and since the lift treatment, have found that I am not wearing mascara as often. This is exactly why I have had it done, ready for those water parks in Orlando!!

Would I have a lash lift again? YEP! It costs just £35 and will (hopefully) last 8 weeks! Love it! xx


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