Front Garden update!

So to those of you that follow me on instagram will have noticed that this weekend myself and Mr P went to our local garden centre and were inspired by all the gorgeous plants!

£100 later we were walking out with a trolley load of different plants that took our fancy to fill the pots on the patio in the back garden and two cute olive trees.

Our Original front garden, a patch of dried grass and some strange ugly plants with bark scattered around.

Mr P doesn’t understand my fascination with making the front our home look welcoming. He says “Once I have closed the door, I don’t care what is happening at the front of the house, its what inside that should matter!” But as a true interior and home maker I like everything to have its place and there to be a place for everything. So despite his battles, this includes the front of the house.

We don’t have a sweeping driveway or acres of land but the small patch at the front of the house I still feel can be beautiful. I always try to have a small wreath hanging on the front door, in theme with the occasion or season and if I can’t find something I always resort back to my trusty lavender heart.

          Progress! The grass came up and a weed resistant membrane went down with Cotswold gravel.

I like our visitors to feel at home from the second they arrive and this to me starts with the push of the doorbell.

So back to this weekend. As I said we ended up in the local plant suppliers and left with a heap of plants including these two super cute and neat olive trees. I have planted them in fresh multi propose compost within these two durable plastic, copper effect tall pots. By durable I mean that they are claiming to be weather proof, so UV resistant and frost free? But why in pots and not straight into the ground? Well, two reasons the first one being that I thought that if we had planted them straight into the ground they might look slightly lost and secondly because our home is rented (refer to my previous blog HERE for my opinion on renting) and when we move, I can take these trees with us!

Front garden complete! Neat and tidy gravel stones with pretty Olive trees in pots to welcome visitors!

The back garden is still a working progress, but fingers crossed I shall be writing a Halloween blog from my summerhouse this year and not next! Hurry up Mr P!



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