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I love art, in all forms, but mainly in the printed or paper form. By this I mean photographs, quotes in different style fonts, watercolour painting, printed patterns, basically anything you can create on paper and frame. I find myself trawling through Pinterest at different ways of displaying frames, on Etsy searching prints and wishing I had more wall space. Without having to redecorate a room, you can change the whole feel of a room by placement and theme of your wall art.

I also find having photos of myself and our family up in our house slightly vain. I find it a bit strange that I would want photo after photo of ‘us’ in a frame staring back at me. However, I do understand that it is deemedĀ ‘normal’ to have family photos displayed in your home. This is why I was so particular with choosing our wedding photographer. (See my blog on how to choose a Wedding Photographer HERE) I didn’t want to have photo after photo of us all stood looking directly at the camera lens smiling on demand. I wanted the essence of our day captured in more of a documentary style rather than posed, hence why we choose the amazingly talented duo that are, Yeti Photography.

Two years later and I have only just erected a what I would call shrine to our Wedding day. We have created a Wedding wall going up the staircase. I still find it rather cringy that when we have visitors they have a whole wall of ‘us’ to stare at while sippingĀ their cuppa, but as I said it is the ‘norm’! I kept being asked “when are you going to get a few wedding photos up?” so the shrine that I have now created should satisfy all. Me, because the photos are a snippet of our Wedding day as a whole and for the visitors they will have our happy smiling faces staring back at them!

As I said I love a bit of art work hung up in my home, so I have taken a few snaps of some of our wall art. As you will see, I a bit of a fan of local artist, Becky Bettesworth!

The Elvis sign is in reference to my Chihuahua, and is placed on the wall by the front door. Quite appropriate for when we leave the house for a walk!


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  1. May 1, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    I always worry I would over do the wall art and make my room look cluttered and small. You’ve done such a great job keeping all the frames the same colour scheme etc- looks beaut

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