It’s our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Two years, yep a whole two years I have now been married to Mr P. I don’t know who deserve a medal more, me or him?

Anniversaries are always a time to reflect and appreicate I think.

Being married is a full time job! When your dating, it’s easier to give up and think the grass is greener (which sometimes it is). I watched my parents get divorced when I was a kid and it appeared to be not only expensive, but a huge drama with lots of ‘sorting things out’.

I am not saying that have spent the last two years blissfully married, because if I did, I would be lying! We have had arguments about paying the bills, family, what colour to paint the walls and even who deserves to each the last chocolate in the box. When I say that a marriage is a full time job, I mean that with any relationship. Do not take your relationship for granted. As I said we argue, but who doesn’t? Well that being said, I was once in a relationship where we didn’t argue and it occurred to me one day, that was because there was no passion for the relationship or each other. Needless to say, I left him.

We always ‘talk it out’ after an argument. Talking is key. Brushing the topic under the carpet will not resolve it and trust me it’ll slither out again from under that carpet before you know it!

Arguing is healthy to a certain degree. Being at each others throats each day is not. I was once asked by someone “do the good times weigh out the bad? if the answer is no, leave”. I have lived by that question every since. I didn’t take my vows at our wedding to not mean them. I gave it some real thought before marrying Mr P. Did I really want to only be with him for the rest of my life? Do I want him to one day be the Father of my children? Does he make me happy? Will he stand by my side and support me no matter what? Will he emotionally look after me? I answered yes to all of those questions and yeah some of them might seem a bit full on to you, but I don’t take marrying someone light hearted.

Thankfully Mr P and I are happily married, regardless of the bickering about who’s turn it is to do the washing up. Our good times do weigh out the bad times, but that is because we make good times. We grab life by the balls and take it for everything it’s got. Just walking along a seafront with a bag of chips, or playing a simple game of Draughts with some music on makes life feel a little bit more worth while. I feel complete when it’s just us two. Nothing else is needed, just us and I am happy.

Our first anniversary was special, we went back to the hotel where we got engaged and enjoyed each others company over many glasses of wine in front of a log fire. This year, the budget is slightly tighter as we have the big holiday to Florida in June BLOG HERE! so we have opted top have a night in the Casino! Not quite the same as our Las Vegas trip, but will suffice! We loved gambling on the roulette tables in Las Vegas! See our blog of our trip HERE!

As we both have the weekend off work and we are child free, that we will do something on Sunday too. I am thinking we might go for brunch out somewhere followed by an afternoon walking or sight seeing somewhere local. Possibly if we win massive in the casino, we will be doing something really out of the ordinary like jetting off to sunny climates, or purchasing a ridiculously unpractical car.

I will give you an update on our weekend over on my Instagram Stories, Snapchat, here and my YouTube channel!







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