We’ve only been upgraded!

Now before you all think that we are one of those families that have been upgraded to first class for free, because we asked and miraculously Thomson just so happened to be having a good day and thought yeah why not – you’re wrong.

We have upgraded from Economy to Premium Economy, and before the negative people out there start saying “well why didn’t you go business class?” it doesn’t exist on the Thomson Dreamliner, so there!

As you will be aware from my previous post we are flying out to Orlando Sanford with Thomson from Bristol, which is a new flight path, on the new snazzy Thomson Dreamliner!

Sooooo back in October 2016 I unfortunately suffered a prolapsed L4 which then hit my S1 nerve causing me to have severe pain and three months off work. In short a slipped disc trapping the sciatic nerve causing agony, and now I am doing everything in my power to prevent it ever happening again. But what on earth has this got to do with upgrading our seats on the flight? Well, I can’t, and more to the point won’t, be able to sit for 8.5 hours in a chair during the flight and need to be able to get up, walk and stretch out. I don’t want to get on everyone else’s nerves by being the one getting up and walking around or standing by my chair, as I have been the one moaning about that person in the past. I now feel awful for doing so and apologise to you that person, even though you never knew how much it irritated me!

 I have been reading forums and blogs for weeks on how I will be able to manage my situation without causing a fuss or upset to anyone else seated close by. There have been various suggestions online, but the one that stuck out was to call Thomson Airways and explain my situation and see if they can provide me with a ‘welfare seat’. A welfare seat is basically the extra leg room seats but they are given free of charge to passengers who require more room for medical reason. I was offered a middle or window welfare seat, not ideal. I know I sound fussy but I can’t keep climbing over another potentially ill passenger to have a walk, and the aisle seats had already been claimed! Balls!

 Another thing I would like to add is that with Thomson flights only, you need to add luggage on top as an extra. At £90 per 25kg suitcase its not cheap, especially when we were planning to take one each!

So the decision was made, along with a helpful push from the sales advisor at Thomson airways to upgraded!

Working out at £16.33 per hour (based on a 9 hour flight each way!) I felt that to us as a family it is worth every penny. I have heard recently of just the mums of the family upgrading, so they can get some ‘me time’ before the family holiday chaos starts, which sounds like a great idea to me. However, Mr P did not want to be left behind in economy class!

What’s included?

 Access to the airport lounges, these include:

 •London Gatwick, North Terminal – No1 Lounge

•Manchester Terminal 2 – Swissport Lounge

•Glasgow – Sky Lounge

•Birmingham – No.1 Lounge

•East Midlands – Escape Lounge

•Newcastle – Aspire Lounge

•Edinburgh – No.1 Lounge

•Cardiff – Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge (Unfortunately we are travelling from Bristol, so won’t be able to use the lounge-typical!)

Premium seat pitch space is bigger, allowing the seats to recline further back. Duvets and pillows included (Yep! Duvets, not a light weight blanket, an actual duvet!) and an amenities kit from Rituals. The idea is that you arrived revitalised!

23kgs of hold luggage and 7kgs of cabin luggage (5kgs of cabin luggage in economy).

Fast-tracked through departure security. I doubt we will notice a difference in Bristol airport but in a much larger airport I can imagine that this will be welcomed by any passenger.

Priority boarding and disembarkation service. The priority boarding I personally couldn’t care less about. I hate it when the airlines announces that the gate is open and people run for the gates to be the first on the plane. Why? You will be sat there at least an hour before take off! Your seat is reserved, it is not a first come first serve basis, so why run like it is?! I always arrive before the last call, but don’t get involved in the race or worse still the 500 yard long queue at the gate! After the marathon runners and everyone is sat down, I calmly board a plane to find my seat without having to squeeze past 2 dozen sweaty men (sweaty because they ran to the gate!) who are reaching into the cabin hold to find their moaning wives’ headphones. Urgh no thank you! So keep the priority boarding, but I will happily take the priority disembarkation service! I love getting off the plane, probably because I don’t enjoy flying for starters, but also because I like to feel that wall of heat hit you in the face to remind you that you are no longer on home turf! (The marathon runners will then start again as they run towards the luggage belts! They seems to have forgotten that they will be waiting at passport control first!)

The usual personal TV with a selection of films and TV episodes, but you also receive a complimentary pair of headphones, either over head or in ears ones. If the TV bores you Thomson also offer their Premium passengers a selection of newspapers and magazines.

Now my favourite part, food and drink! On boarding the Thomson team offer premium passengers a welcome drink of alcoholic bubbles or orange juice for others. During the flight premium passengers are offered a 4 course dinner! Yes! I love food! Plus all drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are included apart from Champagne. We will be ‘celebrating’ the majority of the flight I suspect!

So there you have it, we have splashed out on Premium seats both ways, but we will now have our luggage included, bigger more comfortable seats, all food and drink included and some other little luxuries along the way!

Have you flown premium before? What was your experience like? Have you now set the bar for yourself and just can’t fly economy any longer?


Let me know!









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