Tantastic! – Fake Bake Product Review

At the beginning of the month I received a message on my Instagram from Hair Rehab, which is Lauren Pope’s hair extension venture, telling me that I had won some Fake Bake goodies.

I was thrilled!

To win the competition, I  had done the usual, like, share and comment on Instagram for a chance of winning the Fake Bake items but I never usually win anything, so to actually win something for once was brilliant!

I received the big box of goodies a few days after replying to the message and I tell ya what, neither Hair Rehab or Fake Bake have disappointed with this bundle!

I started using Fake Bake tanning products back when I was 18. I was in my local beauty salon getting my nails done and they were offering an introductory price for a full body Fake Bake tan. I am talking a time where the only tan you could get was from a holiday or from a bottle that was either Rimmel Instant tan or St Tropez depending on your budget! St Tropez was better if we are all being honest, but costly to a 20-something-girl! There wasn’t a sun bed shop in every town and I didn’t have the choice of tanning products that we all have now! (I’m really starting to sound old!)

I came out of the beauty salon with my golden skin, thanks to Fake Bake, and I felt amazing! Not only did it not smell, it wasn’t sticky or wet on my skin! I was hooked! I hadn’t used anything like it before. Back in the earlier 2000’s you couldn’t buy a bottle of Fake Bake, so I was having to go to the salon each time I wanted that sun kissed look.

So to those of you that haven’t yet heard of Fake Bake, here are a few facts about this amazing brand and their products!

  • They have been in the UK now for 15 years and are free from artificial preservatives and parabens. clinical trials back up all specialise claims including anti-ageing and anti-cellulite. 
  • Fake Bake were the first to launch an aerosol can – Airbrush tan in 2003.
  • Adding anti-ageing product Matrixyl-3000® to their The Face range.
  • To launch a long-lasting tan that develops in 1 hour – 60 Minutes launched in 2012.

“So what did you receive in the winning goodie box?!” Well…………. loads! £150 worth in fact!

  • Amplify Gradual Daily Tanning Lotion in Light (£18)
  • Platinum Face Bamboo Buffing Polish (£8)
  • Legal Sunshine Blush (£8)
  • Bronzer Compact (£20)
  • Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum for Face & Body (£29.95)
  • 5 Minute Mousse Instant Self Tan (£22)
  • The Face Anti Aging Self Tan Lotion (£22)
  • Oil Free Mistifier Body Spray (£10)
  • 3D Face & Body Tanning Kit (£49.95) includes Pro Blend Dab Hand Applicator, Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum & Airbrush Self Tan.
  • Skin Smoothie Dry Oil Spray (£10)

Many of the products I have received, I have never tried, so this is super exciting. Best of all, the Fake Bake company does not, I repeat does not believe in animal testing! YAY!!

Soooooo last night I tried out my new products! Like most beauty regimes, prep is the key and Fake Bake has that covered!

The Skin Smoothie Dry Oil Spray is amazing! The two layer liquid is to be sprayed on those area that tan sticks to. Like your elbows, ankles, knees and any other dry areas you have. Apply it just before smoothing on your tan, and taadaa, no super dark patches!

The tan I choose to use was the 5 Minute Mousse Instant Self Tan. I dries super quickly, so apply in fast circular motions! Fake Bake blends so well, don’t panic if when you are applying it, it looks a mess, just go over it and blend a few minutes later. I was sent the medium colour, and I want to go darker. I am very pale naturally and like to have a sun kissed looked. Being orange is not my thing so just a subtle bit of colour is ideal for me. The guide colour is quite dark, so if you are planning on applying and going to work, you might get a few odd looks. Shower off a minimum of 6 hours later, (leaving it overnight is best) and taadaa….sun kissed bronzed skin!

The new 3D Face and Body Tanning Kit is very nice. I mean 2016 was the year of the contour and now we are apparently contouring our bodies too! (Something I did before fake boobs, to try and make my chest look bigger, back in the 2000’s!) Presented in a very lovely Fake Bake box, there is a Pro Blend Dab Hans Applicator, Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum and the Airbrush Self Tan, plus a leaflet explaining where you should contour, to give you the best results! Bikini ready here I come!

TIP! Stand in the bath with an old pair of flip flops on to protect the bottom of your feet, when using the Airbrush tan. You can then just shower down the bath and tiles, much easier than trying to clean your cream carpet!

Does anyone else skin also feel better and become easier to apply make up to when it has been fake tanned? My foundation the morning after removing a fake tan, always seems to apply better and stay in place for longer. Am I imagining this?

So a massive thank you to Hair Rehab and Fake Bake for my goodies and Girls, go make a purchase and get that summer feeling early, you won’t be disappointed! xx


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  1. February 23, 2017 / 8:29 pm

    Absolutly love this. I’ve used Fakebake Tanning products for a few years and I’ve now joined as a Fakebake Beauty Consultant.. These definitely do not disappoint either.

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