Orlando Villa BOOKED!

If you haven’t already realised from my last two Blogs, we are going on holiday to Orlando in June! I could burst with excitement! 

So check list:

  • Flights – BOOKED
  • Accommodation – BOOKED
  • Attraction tickets – still researching
  • Car – currently getting quotes
  • Currency – well lets see how Trump coming in and us leaving the EU pans out first!

There is 6 of us going on this holiday, basically two families. My family (Mr P, Step-Daughter and me!) and then my Sister-in-Laws Family (herself, my Niece and Nephew). So back in September 2013, me and Mr P went to Orlando just us two and we stayed in a hotel on international Drie, which was fine, we had a little fridge and microwave if we needed it and it was fine, we was hardly in the room. But with two families going away, it is nice to have somewhere to meet up, chill out and enjoy time together. In three hotel rooms we wouldn’t have that room to meet, unless it was in the reception area, and I felt that we would spend a lot of time, waiting for someone to arrive from there room. I also felt that if we were all in a hotel, we would have to eat out every night and there would be no where to chill out on an evening as adults, once the children go to bed. Not that, that is likely, they will be so fuelled with excitement I suspect they will rinse every second out of this holiday! so the long and short of it, is that we felt that a villa in orlando for us would suit us down to the ground. Somewhere to chill out, all together under one roof, somewhere to all eat if we choose to stay and eat back at the villa etc. 

Come on then, what have you booked I hear you say! Ok, ok, I am getting there! 

We have booked 14 nights in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, games room and own private pool villa! EEKKKK! Private pool! Can’t wait! We have done lots and lots of research and actually booked what we first thought of. We are going to be staying at Florida Dream Lets. this just so happens to be my cousins villa. 

Located just a 10 minute drive from the Magic Kingdom and set within a ‘normal Floridian residential area’, Wall-Mart just a mile away, this is the perfect choice for us. The villa as I said has three bedrooms (two double and one twin) but can in fact sleep up to 8 people as it has a sofa bed in the living room. The garage has been converted into a games room with pool table, air hockey and darts board. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine. Now a washing machine sound dull, but use it! Seriously, use it! I always use the washing machine when I am on holiday as that means that when I get home, its all done, all I have to do is iron it all! See saving money on your water bill, and reducing the stress when you get home! Free Wifi too, so that will keep everyone happy!

Now for the best bit, the pool. The pool is south facing, heated for those colder months and fully screened! Also outside by the pool there is a BBQ, which I am sure we will make use of one evening!

Prices can be found on their website, but range from £430 for low season and £550 high season. That price is per week, not per person so I think it is a far more competitive price compared to a Motel or Hotel! It works out at just £10.24 per person per night for us, now you tell me you can get alternative accommodation for that price!?

So that’s our accommodation booked, next is car and attraction tickets!

Any questions or if you want to share your Florida experience just post in the comments below, it’s lovely hearing from you all! Xx



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  1. Carla vernon
    January 25, 2017 / 6:32 pm

    Thank you Heather for sharing our home for others to view .

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