Flights Booked!

So as you all would have seen from my last blog post here we are planning a 2 week holiday to Orlando! YAY!

If you haven’t already realised, we live in a beautiful part of the country, Devon. However for flights, it is a pain! We usually have to travel to Gatwick or Heathrow if we are going long haul as our closest airports Exeter and Bristol haven’t offered many long haul flight paths………until now!

Super exciting! So, Thomson and Bristol Airport have joined forces and new for 2017, they are offering a flight path out to Orlando Sanford! YES! This takes at least 2 hours off our travel time both going out and coming back. A welcomed option after a 9 hour flight home!

The need to drive up to a London Airport has near on disappeared! Bristol Airport is the third largest regional airport in England, and the UK’s fifth largest airport outside London! Now offering direct flight paths to over 100 destinations in 30 different countries AND they have direct scheduled flights into 16 capital cites! RESULT! Even the drive to Bristol airport is easy, just 90mins from door to door! 

As promised before, I will be vlogging our whole trip, so keep an eye our on my Snapchat and Instagram. I should be able to give you access to the whole journey, as I have been in contact with Bristol Airport, who have been just lovely and they are more than happy for me to film throughout the airport! 

So back to our flights. We have booked ‘flights only’ with Thomson. This was cheaper than I thought it would be, especially from Bristol! We are paying £525pp. The catch is that, it is as it states, ‘flights only’. No luggage is included! Luggage is soooo expensive!! We have paid for just two 25kg suitcases, and it has set us back £189!! The little loophole we will be using is making good use of our 5kg of hand luggage. The plan is to take one cabin suitcase filled with 3 days of clothes for us all, that my Step-Daughter will class as her hand luggage. Her Dad will have her iPad, camera etc in his hand luggage and I will have my version of a Mary Poppins handbag, so that should use up our allowance nicely. Why are you packing three days worth of clothes in your hand luggage I hear you cry? Well if our two suitcases in the hold go missing (fingers crossed I am not tempting fate!) at least we will be sorted for a few days rather than arriving in a mad panic! 

Anyways, we are flying on one of the new Thomson Dreamliners, which according to my Niece (currently training as Cabin Crew) is very snazzy! The Dreamliner is a brand new plane introduced to the Thomson fleet back in 2013 and has all sorts of new features! At it’s lowest point within the cabin it has head room of over 6ft, which isn’t a problem for me at 5’3″, but I am sure I will appreciate the feeling of space! 30% bigger windows, so all three of us can have a peek out the window with no arguments, mood lighting which mimics dawn and duck, which should tune our body clocks back into sync on arrival to the UK. Thomson have cleverly tweaked the cabin air pressured to allow more oxygen in the cabin, meaning again, when we arrive we should feel more awake and refreshed than we would on a standard flight. Plus to keep my tech mad Step-Daughter happy, the seat-back TV’s have a variety of entertainment, that you can even plug your cameras into, so we can really get the holiday blues set in on our way home.


We are flying out of Bristol at 11:30 and will arrive in Orlando Sanford about 17:30. It is a 40min drive south to where the majority of hotels and villas are, near the main pleasure parks, but that’s fine. Orlando Sanford is a much smaller airport than Orlando International, so we should have a calmer and quicker exit through security.

So all in all, rather good flight booked! Close to home departure airport, new snazzy plane for the journey and hopefully a tranquil arrival in Orlando! All I need to do now is calm my nerves, as I am one of the most nervous flyer out there, but I am sure a few glasses of fizz will help that in no time! 

If you have flown from Bristol, into Sanford and/or on the Thomson Dreamliner, let me know how you found it! 

Next thing to book…………..the accommodation! Stay tuned!




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