Announcement Alert! We will soon be leaving the country…..

…….yes we will, but only for 14 nights!

We have decided and to go to Orlando, Florida in June!!

There will be 6 of us going. Me, Hubster, Step-Daughter, Sister-in-Law, Neice and Newphew. We started planning this holiday after a flippant remark of going away abroad to Europe for a typical beach holiday in the October half term holiday. It was looking at around £2000 for a family of three to go on a beach holiday and thats when I thought I can get us to Florida for that price! Next thing you know I am enquiring into flights, accommodation and tickets. Little did I realise it would actually cost three times that amount, but hey ho! What price can you put on memories?

I am more excited than my Step-Daughter! Yep you heard me right, I am more excited than a 10 year old! Who asked if she had to go and would rather two holidays in Center Parcs this year. Unbelievable! She has been fortunate enough to have visited Florida twice before, when she was much younger. Since then we have been using YouTube to show her all the exciting things we have planned and she has started to think it looks like a good idea after all. Now before you all jump on me saying she is a spoilt brat, the reason she loves Center Parcs is because her Auntie and cousins also come along with us. Each day and evening is filled with laughter, things to do and total chaos, which she just loves. We have told her that Orlando is going to be 5 times better than Center Parcs and lets be honest, it is isn’t it!?

Me and the Hubster went to Orlando, just us two, back in 2013. It was wonderful, we made some serious memories and I went on many a roller coaster which I wouldn’t normally as usually I am too terrified! I just love the States and would holiday there each year if I had the chance. I love the outstanding customer service you receive, the choice and availability and just their way of doing things.

We are sooooooo excited! I will be blogging the whole booking journey and the trip itself! If you would like anymore information along the way, just ask. I am also hoping to be uploading Vlogs when we are there, so look out for that on my YouTube channel!





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