New Year Resolutions 2017

There will tons of people out there who will make New Year resolutions and they will be forgotten about come February, if they are doing well March. Now, I am not one for making New Year resolutions, but this year I thought, I would treat them more like goals, rather than lifestyle changes.

Some of my resolutions may seem selfish, vane or even silly, but they mean something to me and there is no point is me aiming for something that’s not achievable.

  1. Get my nails done. This sounds really vane and silly I know, but I want to keep my nails looking presentable. I am going to start with acrylics and hopefully move onto just gel. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails. When I have had acrylics in the past I have stopped them due to cost and then months letter seen a photo of me and all I can see are my stumpy fingers with bitten nails.
  2. Tone up. I really need to move more and understand that what I am eating isn’t doing me any favours. We don’t eat lots of take aways or fizzy drinks, but I love chocolate and cheese. Neither are ever going to give me the figure of a Victoria Secret model if I carry on. I am not overweight and some of you may question why I am unhappy, but back in 2010/2011 I was training regularly at the gym , I was eating very well, and I can see the difference in photos. My weight has never changed but my body shape has and I would like to be back to my figure in 2011.
  3. Work for my blog. I only started this blog late summer 2017 I would like to blog at least 2-3 times a month. I need to look at it as ‘me time’. I enjoy wiring my blog and all feedback is always welcomed, because sometimes I wonder “is anyone out there even reading this?” I am not going to be the next Sarah Ashcroft or Tom Fletcher overnight or even ever, but just to make a mark of a kind and to receive some more feedback would be great! Hint hint!
  4. Save. I have always been a bit of nightmare with money. My nickname when I was younger was ‘Handbag Hev’ because I always had a new designer bag. I am a self confessed shopaholic, even if it is for DIY materials or food, as long as I am spending I am happy. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! I need to start enjoying seeing the pound signs increase in my bank balance rather than trying to budget my last £10 till payday. We desperately want to buy a house and we don’t have family who are in a position to help us, so we must SAVE!
  5. Look after my skin. I take it for granted that I have ok skin, relatively wrinkle free and I rarely get outbreaks. I have come a long way with my skin after hospital treatment and now I have become used just using a facial wipe to take off my make up. Now that I am in my 30’s I really do need to investing into a skincare regime, wether that is a standard cleanse, tone and moisturise or going for a monthly facial at a spa, I need to look after my skin, as I know I will be thankful in years to come. Oh and before you all say it, yes I know the new diet will help me glow, because if I eat the right foods, I will naturally glow.

And that is it, just 5 little lifestyle changes. I feel this is realistic for me to get started with. If you spot me on Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter not working towards my goals, tell me off!



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  1. Sarah
    January 15, 2017 / 12:52 pm

    Good for you Hev. Some achievable and rewarding goals that will make a difference to you both inside & out.

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