Festive Films to watch!

As you probably have gathered by now, we love nothing more than a good film on a cosy nightie with PJ’s and snacks! What with the festive season, what better excuse than to share with you all the films that we will be catching this December?! I know everyone has their favourites and if I was to list all the brilliant Christmas films out there, this would be a very long and boring blog read, so I have dropped in a few red herrings for you!

So lets start with something rather festive and classic………. Love Actually.

If you haven’t seen this film, have you been living in a cave for the last 13 years? and yep I just said that, 13 years ago this heart warming festive film was released! Based in lovely London, the Prime Minster (Hugh Grant) his newly appointment staff ember (Martine McCutcheon) fall in love, in classic rom-com style. But that’s not just the only story, oh no! Eight other entwined stories are also unfolding through out the film. Filled with fairy lights, dad dancing, romance, comedy and betrayal, this is a true British classic!

Next up is The Holiday. I always felt that this film was an American version of Love Actually. Cameron Diaz (playing an American movie trailer Director living in a very swanky L.A mansion) swaps homes and entire lifestyle with Kate Winslet (a British journalist living in a very chocolate box style cottage in a quint English village). I always felt that the Holiday is similar to Love Actually, because even though these two female characters are the other side of the world from one another, there lives entwine with heart break, romance and realisation that life can be much more fulfilling!

A classic that we all love in this house is Home Alone. For obvious reasons, it is set at Christmas time, making it feel like a festive film and the classic slap stick comedy, makes everyone laugh.

Not particularly very festive, but a new found classic film, Paddington. We saw this the other day for the very first time and fell head over heels for Paddington. His charm and naive character that arrives at London’s Paddington station is just adorable! If you haven’t caught up yet with this gorgeous film, do it this December.

Now for some Disney, Mary Poppins. Now a true classic, first released back in 1964, making it now 52 years old, but still a winner! I won’t bore you with the story line, because if you haven’t heard of Mary Poppins and her iconic bag and talking umbrella, I have no words for you! But we didn’t realise until about a year ago that my stepdaughter had not seen this Disney classic, 15 mins into the film, she has been hooked since! Now for the adults, on the back of Mary Poppins. Go watch Saving Mr Banks. It had never caught my eye before, but just take a moment to take in that poster release, look at the shadows. Saving Mr Banks, is the true story behind character and story line. Explaining where Walt Disney got the story line from and his battle to win the rights to the story line and the struggle he faced in trying to put some Disney sparkle on the story. Just fascinating, and trust me you will never watch Mary Poppins the same way again!

Moving onto some more Disney, The Santa Clause. Divorced Dad, Scott (Tim Allen) accidentally kills Santa Clause, next thing he knows, he is in the North Pole being told by an Elf that he has to replace Santa. Obviously Scott doesn’t believe the Elf and thinks that he has been dreaming. Day by day, Scott is turning into Santa. Filled with laughs, gags and some tears, this is a heart warming disney Classic, to get the children thinking.

Another newish classic that we love in our home is, Arthur Christmas. An animation all about how Santa delivers his christmas present and the high-tech HQ he has hidden beneath the North Pole. Very funny and exciting!

One of my personal favourites is Miracle on 34th Street. I love how warm and welcoming the Santa Clause is in this film and the actress Mara wilson, I am sure i wanted to be her when I was a little girl. I really lovely story about how is you love someone enough anything i possible. Just magical!

Everyone and I mean everyone has seen ELF! surely, right? Maybe I am wrong, but I am yet to meet someone you hasn’t seen ELF!. Will Ferrell plays a grown up Elf who has left the North Pole in his full on Elf uniform in search of his real Father, because he was accidentally transported to the north Pole as a toddler. Hilarious and witty. Watching a grown up Elf come to terms with ‘normal life’ in New York is just belly hurtingly funny!

So there you have it, these are our favourite films to re-watch during the lead up to Christmas and I am sure you will all have your own. If you haven’t caught some of these, try them out!

Let me know what you will be watching this year and which film is a tradition in your home! Enjoy snuggling, laughing, crying and snacking! xx


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