Visiting Viva Las Vegas! Our top tips!

Such a craaazzy place. If you have never been before, trust me it is as the movies portray!
Full of lights, variety and something for everyone.
Not a place for children that is for sure, purely because the majority of attractions/entertainment are subject to you being over 21 years of age. I am not going to bore you with a diary of our day to day travels, but I will give you must see ideas and money saving tips for Las Vegas, that you won’t come across easily on the internet!

We visited back in February 2016 for my 30th birthday. We spent 7 days there and still can’t understand how people do 4 day visits. We could have spent much longer there, not only because we loved it, but also because there is sooo much to see.

We stayed at Ceasars Palace, which is slap bang in the middle of the strip and next door to the Bellagio. Our room was bigger than your average British hotel room, with huge black out drapes, the largest bed I’ve ever slept in, TV, mini bar, complimentary safe, seating area and plenty of charging points. The bathroom, well shower room, as there was no bath. The shower was a double head spa like unit, with a seating area at one end! Amazing! TV in the mirror of the bathroom, super soft towels and miniture toiletries!

img_6359 img_4851Our Room in Ceasars Palaceimg_6357

For breakfast, it can be quite hard to find somewhere that has a good choice and is reasonable. Most mornings we walked next door to the Bellagio for breakfast. From memory, it was about $15 each for all you can eat. There is more than you can even imagine served at the Bellagio breakfast buffet. You name it they are cooking it. Carvery meat, freahly baked pastries, fruit, pancakes, any style of egg you desire, steak cooked to order, coffee, fruit juice, cereal, the list goes on. We would spend about an hour having a leisurely breakfast filling ourselves up for the day ahead.

Take a day to walk in and out of each hotel, you might even need longer. TOP TIP! Wear comfortable shoes, the strip is over 4 miles long and if your tottering around in heels, you will soon feel it!
Las Vegas must be one of the only places in the world where it is acceptable to just wonder on in to a hotel without a member of staff asking you if you are staying there, of if they can help you. Each hotel is generally themed to its name and they go all out. Obviously each hotel has the ground floor as a casino, but if gambling isn’t your thing, just walk through all that and you will find other things to see.


Ceasars Palace has a huuuge shopping mall, called the Forum Shops with the most amazing ceiling. It has been painted to look like a cloudy sky and even when you look up and walk, you feel like the clouds are moving. TOP TIP! Within the Forum Shops, up on the third floor, there is the Planet Hollywood Resturant. Ask to dine out on the terrace and you will experience the view photographed below, for a fraction of the price of other Las Vegas resturants along the main strip with a view.

The Paris hotel has a much smaller shopping area, but the streets and shops are styled to feel like you really are walking through a parisian street. There is also the Effiel Tower Experience at the Paris hotel – This is amazing! TOP TIP! The view of the strip is great and they will offer you an ipad, where if you move it around as you walk, you will see Paris through the ipad as if you really are standing at the top of the Paris Effiel Tower.

img_4940Waiting for the lift to take us to the top of the Effiel Tower

If gambling is your thing, you will find a hotel casino that you prefer. This sounds crazy as they are much of a muchness, but each casino has a different feel. Oh TOP TIP! when a cocktail lady asks you if you would like a drink, order whatever you like! they work for tips, so once your drink has arrived, pass the lady a few dollars or whatever you feel is resonable for what you would pay for the drink. They will keep returning and making sure your glass doesn’t run dry. The reason the casinos offer these ‘complimentary drinks’ is because hopefully if you are looked after, you will stay and keep putting money in the machines.

See a show or exhibition! There are loads on offer, as I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, so we went to the Cirque du Soleil, MJ ONE at Mandalay Bay. The show isn’t cheap at around $80 a ticket, but WOW! The performers are worlds class. We also really liked the Mandalay Bay, it is at the bottom end of the strip, so get a taxi. TOP TIP! If you are looking for a show and not fussed what you see, head to the TIX’s 4 TONIGHT ticket booths. There is one on the opposite side of the road from Ceasars, and you can pick up discounted tickets for all sorts of things. We bought resturant buffet tickets, tickets for the Effiel Tower, Matt Goss & the Titanic Exhibition from Tix’s 4 Tonight. The tickets can be up to 70% cheaper then from the hotel direct!

I wasnt really sure who Matt Goss was before seeing him in Las Vegas. I just knew he was one half of some 80’s duo called ‘Bros’. So with that in mind I entered Matt’s venue at Ceasars not having any expectations. What a show! The venue is designed to feel and look like you are on board of an old ship. There are, I would guess, a maxium of 100 tickets available, which makes the whole experience intimate and if you get good seats, Matt or one of ‘The Dirty Virgin Dancers’, may even brush your knee! My Husband was most impressed when one of ‘The Dirty Virgin Dancers’ was shaking her tail feather in his face! Haha! To ensure you get good seats, you will need to arrive early, as it is first come first serve! Great show, whether you are a fan or not!



So the Titanic Exhibition I hear you cry! Yes it is amazing!! Loated within the Luxor, you will see artifacts from the sunken ship, get to experiance the third class cabins, first class suites, a full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase as well as a outer Promenade Deck, complete with the frigid temperatures felt on that fateful April night. There is so much to see and experience, I could write a whole blog just on the Titanic Exhibition. (If you want me to, just say!)

The obvious attraction is the famous Las Vegas sign! Located half a mile south of the Mandalay Bay. I was disappointed with the sign. It is iconic and I always thought it was really tall. Its quite small and short actually, but we did the obligatory photo none the less. TOP TIP! If you are visiting on a Sunday, pop across the road from the sign to the Harley Davidson shop at around 8pm and you will find yourself amongst Las Vegas finest customed vintage cars. The owners of the vehicles are more than happy to talk to you and show off their cars. Imagine Grease style cars, but with attitude!


Another really good afternoon out which is suitable for all ages is the Pinball Hall of Fame. A massive industrial unit stacked with pinball machines and original arcade machines from years gone by. The oldest ones we found were from the 1950’s and my Husband was in his element playing on the 80’s arcade machines that he once did as a child. The majority of the machines take 5cent coins and there are change machines there too.

TOP TIP! If you are in Las Vegas on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, be sure to head for the Piano Bar in Harrahs. At 2, 3 and 5 p.m ‘Fat Elvis’ will be performing his Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis. I have never seen anything like it. Fat Elvis is, well, fat, huge in fact, but his voice is spot on and everyone in the bar was loving life watching him perform Elvis song after Elvis song!


Try and make your way to Freemont Street. This was the original Las Vegas strip, just as much fun, just isn’t as polished as the new hotels on the main strip. TOP TIP! At night the canopy of Freemont Street lights up with a mind blowing light show with music! There are always street performers to stop and watch along your way. We enjoyed the Golden Nugget hotel. A relaxed enviroment where the minimum bets at roulette tables were only $5 compaired to the $15 minimum back on the main strip. Also as one of the entrances of the Golden Nugget they have a giant one arm bandit machine which attracts crowds of people watching to see who is lucky enough to make $5 into a jackpot! My Husband won $50 on this machine and was congratulated with the crowd whooping and clapping!

TOP TIP! In Binions and Four Queens Hotel, they have free pull machines. You have the chance of winning up to $2,500 cash plus other coupons. Also within Binions, there is the $1million dollars on display, which you can stop and have a photo with, for FREE including the printed photo!
At the bottom of Freemont street there is the world famous, Heart Attack Grill. You will be asked to wear a hospital gown and shown to your table by a sexy nurse. Everything on the menu is calorific and if you order more than you can eat (bearing in mind the largest burger you can order is 8 burgers with 40 bacon rashers on top!), you will be publicly spanked by a nurse. Wine is served through a drip style straw  and the wh0le resturant is quite an experience. I think the boys enjoyed it more then us, but it was fun!

TOP TIP! Go see the Grand Canyon! I personally feel there is only one way to get there, helicopter! We went with Maverick and did the Sunset tour. We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the Maverick departure lounge. The pilot explained everything before we departed and there was 6 of us in the helicopter. Headphones played music all the way and are GPS connected to trigger facts being relayed through the speakers as we flew over spots of interest like the Hoover Dam. We landed in the Grand Canyon where we had about 45 mins to explore. There was also Champagne and nibbles to indulge on. On the way back we stopped once more for fuel. The best bit is that each couple got to sit up front with the pilot. As we did the sunset tour, we were able to arrive back to the strip flying over all the glistening lights.


img_6364Birthday Champagne after landing within the Grand Canyon!

img_6363If you are there to shop, then you must go to the North Premium Outlet Mall which is just West of Freemont Street. Best way to get there is by bus. Lots of bargins to be had, so take lots of money!

For drinks with a view you won’t get to see anywhere else, go up to the bar within the top of the Stratosphere. You can soak up the view of the strip from 800ft up, in fact its the highest bar in Las Vegas. If you are feeling really brave, you can go to the top of the Stratosphere and experience the rides.


I could go on and on about things not to miss in Las Vegas, but all the obvious ones, you will find time and time again on the internet. I hope you have enjoyed this savvy saving and must see’s of Las Vegas blog!

Enjoy and remember, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


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