Choosing a Wedding Photographer/Videographer


There are lots of special moments during every Wedding Day and these need to be captured.

A Wedding is slightly different to lifes other milestones. Your photograpaher won’t have that window to say, “oh wait, hold that first kiss, I need a new camera battery” or “sorry I didn’t quite catch that, can we throw the confetti again?” A Wedding day’s special moments don’t wait for any photographer.

This is why it is soooo cruical to choose a photographer that you can trust. Wedding photographers are not cheap, well the reputable ones aren’t. Yes I’m sure your second cousin can take the photos no problem, but will the be what you want? Will they be ‘framable’?


If there is one thing I know I got right when I planned our Wedding, it was who we chose to take our Wedding photos.

img_6207This has to be my favourite shot of my Dad! In the reflection of his Austin A35 looking like James Bond.

So how did I choose my Wedding photographer? I based my decision on four factors.

  1. Photography style. Did I like at least 5 photos from their previous work that made me say “Make me look like that on my Wedding day’? I also didn’t want to be editted with the complexion of a plastic doll.
  2. Cost. Some photographers will charge you the earth and actually their photography isn’t very good. On the other hand, others will charge you a couple of hundred quid and you can see why. The lighting is rubbish, you’ll have random objects looking like they have grown out of your head or you have your eyes half shut in their best shot!
  3. What will you receive? Is your photographer saying they will only photograph the ceremony? Leave after the speeches or stay until Uncle Jimmy is being held up by the bar? How many photos will you receive, or will you have to pay extra for more photos to be printed? How will you receive your photos? Disc? USB? or printed copies?
  4. Relationship. You will not know until you meet for the first time. But you need to ensure you and your photography team/person have a good understanding of what is expected from both sides.

With those factors in mind, the most important to me, was photography style. I knew I wanted our Wedding photos to be documented style, so shots that are taken without you realising.

I Google searched ‘Wedding Photographers, Devon’ and as you can imagine the world and his wife, it would appears is a Wedding Photographer nowadays. I trawled through various different websites and if I liked 5 of their images, I contacted them asking for a quote. The quotations ranged from £800 up to £2500. You will be pleased to know I went somewhere in the mid range. Which I know is still expensive for photograhy but as I’ve already said, this photographer has one go at getting it right! They are there all day, plus they need to edit, delete the rubbish ones and prepare your images after the event. It is a long day for them and a lot of work after.

Anyhow, I decided on Yeti Photography, who happened to be two chaps who live in my home town! (Result!) Their website had more than 5 images I fell in love with and I could hear myself thinking “make me look like on my Wedding day!” So I dropped them a email and got not only a quotation back, but a very cheerful non generic response! (which was a nice change!)

Vince and Matt are two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Vince is a very tall, bushy bearded man with an exceptional eye for the right light and has a six sense allowing him to know when to hit the trigger button capturing that unrepeatable moment. Matt is (I won’t say short) not as tall as Vince and dosen’t wear a beard, but has the warmest smile and amazing ability to turn your whole day in a short film that will make relive all the emotions and more of your special day. Some of my work collegues who didn’t even attend our Wedding, saw our highlight film and said it brought them tears of joy. (SEE OUR WEDDING HIGHLIGHT VIDEO HERE)


A few weeks after my inital email to the guys, we all met up for a chat. They wanted to know what the Wedding venue was like, were there any special family members or friends that we wanted photographed, and apart from the obvious moments was there any other special parts of the day we wanted captured etc.

I think I was quite a relaxed Bride when it came to what I wanted from our Wedding Photography, as I didn’t want lots of posed shots, so I was happy for the guys just to click away and show us what they had after the day was over.


Closer to the Wedding date, we all met up again, but this time at a local beauty spot to do an ‘Engagement shoot’. This was so we could understand how Vince works and he could see how we are around a camera. I knew the moment we received our Engagement photos that we were going to have some pretty fantastic Wedding photos that would most certainly be ‘frame worthy’.

I won’t go on about our Wedding photos and short film, as you can see for yourself in this blog. The proof in the pudding was that we were short listed to ‘Wedding of the Year’, have had a 4 page feature in a National Wedding Magazine and one of the photos made it to the front cover of Your Devon and Cornwall Wedding Magazine! 

Bottom line is, don’t choose a Wedding Photographer on what price they quote you.

I can not emphasise enough, you get one go at taking these photos! Make sure have a good relationship with your photographer, you understand what you are expected to do/what you will receive and lastly if you can stretch the budget, do! I promise it will be worth that extra bit in the Wedding fund!







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