Creepy, creepy spider!

As some of you may have already guessed I love the Autumn season for many reasons, but mainly as there is Halloween to celebrate and after there is the lead up to Christmas. I am a lover of both party occasions.

I truly adore Halloween for many reasons, but mainly as it a good excuse to go a little over the top with your fancy dress and make up! In previous Halloween weekend, one of my closest friends would always hold a huge party, where the entire house is decorated. She would theme each room of the house and no surface or wall was forgotten. It took weeks of planning and preparation but the overall effect was fantastic! People passing would comment on how wonderful it looked and the invited party goers were always impressed with her efforts year after year.  In return us guests were asked to bring drinks, a carved pumpkin, for added effect, and be dressed to scare! As the years passed, the Halloween outfits became more and more daring or tricky to think of. This year life has moved on for her with having a baby, so the parties are on hold for a few years.


I have dressed up as many scary people or creatures over the year, but this year, we aren’t dressing up (as there is no party) so we decided to decorate the front of our humble house to put a smile on the little trick or treaters faces. (And with that, we just had three very sweet trick or treaters saying that our home is decorated very nicely and can they have some sweets.)


I decided to go for a spider theme with the glow of pumpkins. My husband purchased the goggly eyes for the front door to give a little bit of fun for the children passing by. I spent just one afternoon decorating the outside of our house, and feel that it is quite affective. All in all I would predict that the decoration cost a total of £30 which is nothing for a bit of fun!


The pumpkin carving becomes a bit of a competition in our house, with us all trying to find an impressive design. I did find the idea of the three pumpkins spellig the word ‘Boo’ from trusty Pinterest and created it so simply just using a drill! I also picked up the small different coloured pumpkins known as munchkin pumpkins from Tesco at just £1 each. The larger pumpkins were either Tesco at 2 for £3 or Lidl at just 79p each!


I picked up the spider web material, window decoration, big fluffy spider and little plastic spiders from Amazon. The ‘Happy Halloween’ door sign was just £1 in Hobby Craft.

All 8 LED tealights came to just £1.98 in Home Bargains and not only a much safer options, but won’t get blown out on windy evenings. The broom, goggly eyes, creepy pumpkin sign and LED skull where also from Home Bargains and again where £1 each with the exception of the LED skull being £1.99.

img_6098img_6102We will be getting dressed up on Monday night for the crowds of trick or treaters so we can give them a scare as we answer the door!

So I hope you all have a scarily good time and Tweet me all your phots of you in your outfits and decorations!

Have fun! x






  1. Vanessa
    October 29, 2016 / 8:53 pm

    Great blog heather, and loving the house decorations, very spooky. Thank you for my inclusion in the blog, who knows maybe the parties will make a return one day, I mean it would be a shame not to put all of those boxes of decorations to good use again. Happy Halloween!xx

    • mrshpaget
      October 30, 2016 / 8:48 am

      It would be a huge shame! We have had some fantastic Halloween parties, and your to thank xx

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