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I’m Back in March of this year, I spotted a competition on Facebook from a reknowned local Hair Extension Specialist that I had been following for a while. She was offering £100 off hair extensions. I did the usual Share, Like and Comment process most Facebook pages ask you to complete for a competition and I WON! I couldn’t believe it! I had been wanting hair extensions for a looooong time and now with £100 off, how could I resist?!

I met Jodi for a consultation, where she looked at the thickness and length of my hair and we danced around how many bonds to have and which type of extension. Finally, we decided on 150 bonds at 16inches long from Remi Cachet. I was having three different blonde colours to blend with my already highlighted natural hair and they would be held in by a mini lock. The Remi Cachet hair is amazing quality. It is real hair that is ethically sourced and the lifting process for changing the colour of the hair is done slowly to avoid damage. The hair is inspected to insure all the cuticles lie in the same direction, giving the hair its flawless look.

I met Jodi on the afternoon of 29 March and I was nervous if honest. I mean what if long hair didn’t suit me? What if they were really hard work to look after? What if they didn’t blend well with my own hair? What if loads fell out in the first few weeks and I would be left with half a head of random extensions? But I was there now and I had paid my money, so as far as I was concerned there was no going back!

The whole process of inserting (is that the right phrase?) the extensions took just under two hours. Jodi sectioned my hair into three sections and worked each one at a time. I was amazed how she knew which colour extension to insert each time. We chatted away and put the worlds to rights, and before I knew it, we were nearly finished. Jodi then chopped away with the scissors to make sure my natural hair underneath blended in perfectly.

The moment of truth was finally looking in the mirror. Jodi purposely didn’t have a mirror in front of me, to avoid ruining the ‘taa-daa’ moment.

img_5105Before and After – Wow!

What a taa-daa moment I had! I was in love! I was transformed from a ‘growing it out bob’ to lucious locks that looked totally glam. I just wish I could now do the amazing waves that Jodi created. Jodi is well known locally for her quality of work and skills in using hair extensions. All the reviews on her Facebook Page had been proven right! I was throughly impressed! I generally wear it straight, but do occassionaly wear it in curls created from my GHD straighteners, but it never looks as nice as when Jodi first did it.

img_5100My gorgeous new hair extensions!

The first two weeks of having the extensions I will admit was quite tough. I thought I was allergic to the mini locks as my head was itching so much! I text Jodi querying the itching and she put my mind to rest saying that it was probabaly because I was not used to the feel of extensions and they are itching due to them being tight to start with. After the first two weeks, the itching settled and things became easier. I strongly reccommend anyone who is having extensions fitted that you buy the specialist brush from the retailer or a Tangle Tezzer brush as a normal hair brush will just pull your extensions out. Talking of losing extensions, Jodi advised me that I should expect to loose 1 extension a week. In the grand scale of things, when you have 250 extensions fitted, 12 lost in 3 months is a drop in the ocean. I lost just 4 extensions in 3 months and took them with me to the re-fit.

14 weeks later I was overdue a re-fit. I was naughty as a re-fit is due at 12 really, but with other commitments I couldn’t get in to see Jodi sooner. The re-fit was hard work. I was completely shattered by the time I left the salon, even though all I had done was sit on my bum. But it took 4.5 hours. the process takes longer than the inital fit, as Jodi had to take each extension out, shed the natural hair, and then refit it back in again. I admired Jodi’s skill again at the refit. I was amazed how she knew where each extension needed to go back in! I had a couple of inches chopped of the length to freshen up the extensions and I left the salon feeling like I was starring in a television hair advert, with a head of freshly re-fittted gorgeous and glamourous locks!

img_5185I usually wear my hair straight, but it’s so thick and full, even 7 months later!

I have decided to have them removed in late November for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I think my hair has grown past my shoulders now. Having the extensions has allowed me to avoid the growing out stage of a bob. I am always changing my mind with my hair and I want a more relaxed shoulder length look for Christmas.

I will update this post once the extensions are out, to let you all know how heathly my hair is (hopefully) and how I have change my hair this time!


On Monday (28 November) I went and had the extensions removed!

I’ve had them removed for a number of reasons. A: Next week we are at Centre Parcs and there will be lots of swimming and time at the spa and I can’t be bothered to blow dry my extensions each time. B: With Christmas I couldn’t really afford the refit fees & C: I am itching to see how much my hair has grown!

It took Jodi all of 45 mins to remove my extensions and with no pain or pulling.

So here you have it, my real hair! img_6422

Ok, I know my hair looks a bit tired and dull, but I haven’t had my hair cut or coloured in 10 months! With that in mind, it is in great condition! I would guess it’s grown about 4 inches in 9/10 months. I’ve no idea how much your hair should grow each month, all I do know is that I’m not one of those girl who’s hair grows at record speed! I’m pleased with the length hair now, as during the time of extensions I’ve avoided that ‘growing out’ stage of a bob. The following day I had my hair trimmed and coloured to refreshed it up!

To tell the truth, when the extension were first taken out, I felt bald! This is only due to the fact that I have become used to the weight of extensions and now I don’t have that or the length, I feel a little naked!

Would I have extensions again? I’m unsure! I don’t think I would have as many but just a few to add thickness. I do wonder though if I only want them for thickness as like I said I’ve become used to having lots of hair and the weight of extensions. Maybe I’ve forgotten what having my own hair feels like??

Either way, I loved having extensions and the whole experience has been better than expected. You hear horror stories all the time from people having bald patches to others having sores on their scalp. Well all I can say is that maybe they don’t use extensions or have an experienced hair dresser to fit them!

Don’t buy cheap hair or get someone to fit them for £20, do your research, have consultations and if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If you want to add thickness or length to your hair I highly recommend having mini lock extensions!


Jodi Rice, Hairdressing and Specialist in Great Length Extensions:

Remi Cachet Hair Extensions:


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