The Wanderlust leaves again

  1. When my Dad told me that my cousin Sarah was flying out to Mexico in a few weeks, with a view to travel for a minimum of 6 months, possibly never coming home, if honest my heart sank.

I am part of a large family, as my Dad is one of 5, meaning that even though I am a only child, I have never felt alone.

img_6011Me & Sarah at a family Wedding, 2007. (Note her tan, from constant travelling!)

  As we have all grown up and found love, careers and followed dreams, we are now all scattered around the country. We don’t live in each others pockets, and Christmas get togethers are not as crowded as they once were, but I love them all dearly. Thanks to social media, communication and life updates are still available as they once were face to face.

img_6009Family garage party, where we all certainly had some moves! Sarah is in the snazzy red trousers, I am in the floral curtain looking dress!

Anyway, back to Sarah. She is a total wanderlust, never settles in one place. She said to me the other day that the thought of settling down in one place, makes her skin itch. This proves that she is meant to travel and discover the world. She is colourful, smart, beautiful, has a infectious energy about her and has the most amazing sense of style. I have always felt closer to her than my other cousins (sorry guys) and was lucky enough to experience her spontaneous lifestyle and love for life, when I briefly travelled with her around Thailand.

Back in 2006 Sarah called me and asked if I wanted to join her and a few of her friends on a trip to Thailand. I was single, earning good money and had annual leave to use up, so the answer was a big YES!

img_6006Sarah and me relaxing on a hammock in Koh Pha Ngan

I remember the evening of us travelling. I arrived at her little mouse house in Plymouth, where her love of recycling was demonstrated with the arrary of mismatch furniture that she had collected or been given over the years. I was welcomed in by three big smiles from my soon to be travelling buddies. We all sat around a kitchen table and ate a home made spaghetti bolognese. It was then that it hit me, I was about to go on a ‘holiday’ with my cousin, her boyfriend (who I had also never met before) and three very random other lads. Anyway, shortly after dinner during the small hours, we set off in a taxi to Gatwick Airport. I have always been the one who does the planning and I am extremely organised, so going on a holiday not knowing where we would sleep on our first night, made me nervous.

We arrived in Thailand and headed straight to travellers central, Koh San Road. We found a rather strange B&B to stay in for the night, dumped our rucksacks in the room and headed straight out to discover Bangkok. The next day we got on a coach and headed south to the islands. I won’t bore you with a day to day story about what we got up to, but what I will say is that the whole trip was unplanned and was probably the BEST holiday I have ever had!

img_6008img_6007img_6017img_6019img_6018img_6020Few snaps from our travels around Thailand

Before going on holiday with Sarah I was very materialist and my make up was always in place at all times. Whilst away we stayed in wooden huts on the beach and lived very simply. This lifestyle changed open my eyes. It made me realise that really it dosent matter if I have a wardrobe of desiner handbags, but it’s about making memeories with the ones you love. Nowadays I live by this moto, but try and fit in a up to date wardrobe at the same time.

Back to Sarah, again. I said earlier this month I was informed that she was planning to travel alone, starting in Mexico, then venturing into central America. Her ambition is to start a blog and document her travels. I envy Sarah in many ways. I envy that she has the balls to travel alone, I envy that she has no commitments here at home meaning nothing is stopping her from travelling and I envy that fact that she will have a successful blog.

My heart sank because I worry about her, not because she isn’t street wise, she certainly has her witts about her and will never put herself in danger, but I worry because she is travelling alone and I don’t want her to be lonely. Deep down I know she won’t be lonely, as she as such a infectious personality, she is bound to find a travelling buddy (if she desires) in no time!

As I said before, my family is now scattered around the UK and we all have our own familes and lives. I know me and Sarah don’t talk as often as we once did, but that dosen’t mean I don’t think about her. The idea of her now being on the other side of the world, selfishly, I don’t like. Thank goodness for social media, email and Skype!

I wish her all the best during her travels and can’t wait to follow her blog and hear her stories.

And Sarah, if your reading this, don’t forget if you decided to stay somewhere longer than a couple of weeks (which is unlikely), to let me know and I will fly out for another unplanned ‘Sarah adventure holiday!’

Love you, keep safe and enjoy every second! xx

img_6005Sarah & me paddling whilst watching the Thailand sunset



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  1. Aunty Nicola
    October 22, 2016 / 9:37 am

    Oh my goodness.. through my tears as Sarah mum I thank you for this lovely tribute to my daughter, we are never alone in the world now because we are only one click from connecting. What gets in our way is gifting ourselves the time to be with people.

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