Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens

……..Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things!

October is upon us and that to me means one thing….. Autumn has arrived! I love the Autumn season, and all it’s beautiful colours.
This new season also brings new fashion, Halloween, cosy nights in with great British TV, pumpkins, soul food, Bonfire Night, log fires, and best of all, the lead up Christmas!

I thought I would dedicate this post to my ‘must haves for an autumnal cosy night in’. img_5912

A long soak   After battling with the autumnal winds and rain, you will most probably be soaked through or needing a long soak in a hot bath. I only usually have baths in the colder months. (I would like to add that I wash daily, just opt for a shower during the warmer months or when I am on a quick turn around) There is nothing nicer than having a soak in the bath, even if its just for 10 mins, to warm up and make you feel human again. LUSH are renowed for offering some beautiful bath bombs, and to be fair, they are kinda special, my favourite is Golden Wonder. I love watching them fizz around in the hot water making the water a different colour and the bathroom smell divine. They also offer Bath Oils which are used the same as a bath bomb and leave the skin silky smooth.

PJ’s    Comfies, Pj’s, Loungwear, scruffs, or whatever you call them, I live in them! I swear I have more lounge wear/nightwear than I do normal clothes! The minute I walk in the door, there is nothing better than having a personal race with myself to see how quick I can whip my bra off,  and slip into some comfies! If I am having a lazy day at home I prefer to wear lounge pants and t-shirt. Jack Wills and Victoria Secret PINK are my favourite shops to buy lounge wear from, but have seen recently that Primark have brought in some also very pretty pieces for chilling out in.  Marks & Spencer is a guilty pleasure of mine for pyjamas, I think this stems from being a child. I always had soft, comfortable PJ’s from M&S, so I always find myself in store browsing their latest ranges. I always seem to find myself adding a few M&S PJ’s to my Christmas Wish list each year. Recently I have noticed that Boux Avenue are offering some really lovely separates and PJ sets.

Candles    I am known for always having candles lit in our home. We have lanterns big and small all over our lounge and the arrival of a new season gives me an excuse to purchase new candles to match the season.


I love Yankee Candle for their jar candles, but adore their wax melts! I have a teapot style wax melter. It goes really well with the shabby chic theme of our home and love the fact that you can change the wax melts as often as you like. I find AirWick also do some beautiful scents around this time of year. They have these glass jar candles that have some sort of clever led colour changing light in them that are quite pretty.

Blankets   We have a variety of blankets to choose from in our house, I have a little secret addiction to buying them. That being said, they are handy to have and if you present them all rolled up neatly in a basket like I do, I think they add a bit of added cosiness to a room. I find my nicest blankets in Laura Ashley but Dunelm Mill, Matalan and even TK Maxx offer some lovely ones too. There is nothing more cosy than grabbing a blanket to snuggle on a cold evening, always nicer than dragging a king sized duvet down the stairs.blankets

Good TV/Film    The girls at work have started taking the mickey out of me for the amount of TV I watch. I don’t think I watch anymore than anyone else, but according to them, it’s quite a lot.

Sooooo, “what are you watching or scheduling to your planner” I hear you cry! I have made a short list of my must watch Autumn TV shows:

Victoria, ITV    Period drama, about the early reign of Queen Victoria. I am not a period drama lover, but this has had me gripped! The relationship and Romance between Victoria and Albert is heart warming. 

GBBO, BBC1   I think I need to explain what GBBO is, you may have been living under a rock. Al I do know is that it makes me want to grab my apron and get my bake on!

Making a Murder, Netflix   This is an American documentary regarding the very puzzling and mind twisting court case of Steve Avery and his Nephew. I found the first two episodes quite hard going, but trust me, its brilliant! 

Sherlock, BBC1   Rumour has it there is going to be a new Sherlock series released this Autumn! I am rather excited to say the least, as love not only the storyline but to have a little perv over Benedict Cumberbatch for a whole hour! If you haven’t seen any of the previous series, you must get it on catch-up!

Cold Feet, ITV   A typical British soap, some humour, some tears and some drama. The characters are still the originals, but with new story lines, it’s quite easy to watch after a long day. 

Towie, ITVBe   I know some of you hate this, but I am an avid fan and have loved it from day one, sorry, not sorry!

If I am feeling down, I must admit, you can keep your TV as all I want is a Disney marathon.

Tea or Hot Chocolate served with Biscuits   A cup of tea to me is always better served in a nice cup. I am quite funny about what type of cup I drink from and my Husband soon learnt that I only like to drink from particular cups in the house. During the cold seasons, I like to serve up a pot of tea to enjoy sipping throughout the night. When it comes to hot chocolate, again, would you believe it, I am rather particular. I only like Miles Hot Chocolate served with whipped cream and marshmallows. Well there is no point doing it half hearted right? Biscuits have always stemmed a huge debate in our house, as my Husband loves a choclate digestive, where as I do enjoy a custard cream. Either way, they are all good for dunking and we ensure the biscuits barrel is always stocked for a tea, tv and biscuit night! Sooo rock and roll!

On the other hand, if it’s not a school night, I say grab a glass, perhaps the bottle, of your favourite vino and enjoy that warming feeling!

So there you have it, a cosy Autmnal night in cosists of, cosy threads, something comfortable to snuggle, seasonal scents, great TV and a big cup or glass of soul warming liquid!

Now sit, relax and unwind!

I have linked a few of my favourite items below:

Laura Ashley Throw

Jack Wills Lounge Pants

Miles Hot Chocolate

Boux Avenue Peta Satin Pyjamas

Yankee Candle – Autumn Night

Yankee Candle – Home Sweet Home

M&S Reindeer Pyjamas

Matalan Heart Printed Fleece Throw

Matalan Aztec Throw

Lush Bath Bomb, Golden Wonder

Lush Bath Bomb, Shoot for the Stars


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