To rent or to buy?

Why in England are we all obsessed with buying a house?

There seems to be a snobbery society in England where if someone ask you if your renting, and you reply yes, you see their face read ‘ohh poor you, you cant afford to buy’.

We have rented for years, and I feel there is a lot to be said for renting a property.    If you are as lucky as we are with our Landlords, they will let you decorate as you wish, leave you alone to just get on with life, do annual property checks of the boiler and have never threatened to put the rent up or sell the property. As far as the landlords are concerned, we pay the mortagage on the bricks and water they purchased that we call home.


The biggest benefit I always like about renting is that if anything in the house goes bang, its not us that have to pay out for it. I don’t worry about the boiler giving up in the middle of February becuase I won’t have to run around finding a plumber to repair it nor fork out for it. The biggest inconvience of something ‘going wrong with the house’ to us if we will have to live from heated water from the kettle for a day or two, plug in some electric radiators or live aomwhere else for few days. Another benefit to renting I always quite secretly enjoyed is that I don’t care if the property market rockets or crashes, it will not affect me.

With all the benefits of renting I still feel hugely under pressure to buy a house, but why?

The reason we want to buy a house is because we need a large living space and extra bedroom, but the price we would pay in rent would be nearly double of what we would probably pay for a mortagage payment. It is financially better for us to buy a property than it is for us to rent one.homesweethomeThe nasty circle of this dream house buying adventure stems from renting.  I admire couples or even singletons that buy a home. I admire how they have managed to still rent somewhere and yet still save a massive 20% deposit on the purchase price of their future home. I understand that some people can live at home and save at the same time, makes that task of saving slightly easier, as long as you can put up with your parents for a while. But how does a young family already in rented manage to save for a deposit? With huge difficulty thats how!

Then there is a worry of age. For some people by the time they decide to buy a house, the bench mark has been moved again because they are now too old to apply for a 35 year long mortgage. By the time they are mortgage free they would be 80 years old!

I see the Goverment is trying their best to resolve this housing crisis with various different schemes and payment plans, but surely if we all just relax, and stop being such snobs about whether your home or not, it will have an effect on the market after all?



  1. July 3, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    Completely agree with this! 110% xo

    • mrshpaget
      July 3, 2017 / 9:42 pm

      So do I! Haha! Thank you for commenting, it means such a lot to receive feedback from readers xx

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