Where to start with planning a Wedding?


Different people will tell you to plan different things first.

I personally would say it is the date.

The date could be the date you met, or the date of your first kiss, or even the date that you declared your love to one another.


Failing that, you need to decide what season you would like to hold your wedding in. If a particular date is not a must for you, you will have far more flexibility. A Saturday wedding in the middle of July will always be more expensive than a Tuesday in January.

Once you have decided on the date, you can decide how much you can comfortably afford to save towards the Wedding, giving you a budget (hopefully).



Budget is a tricky thing to decide on and sometimes can be a rough figure right up until you start booking things. What you decide to spend on the big day is a very individual and personal matter. With that being said, try not to feel pressured into ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. Your Wedding day is about committing to one other not whether you had fireworks at the end of the night or not.

ConfettiAs uncomfortable as it is, you also need to approach your relatives. Are they planning to pay for a particular part of the day? Are they wanting to pay for it in full? Are they wanting to give you a set amount of money? Either way, you need to know. They will be bursting for you to ask, as those wanting to contribute, want to feel part of the day.

Once you have an idea of budget and date, you can start  doing the exciting bits…….looking at Venues, picking ‘the dress’, choosing rings, colour schemes and all the other little bits that make your days yours!

viel kiss

Bridal party


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